Monument of the 3rd Angel

Last stop at Vulytsya Radyansʹka before heading back to Kiyv. We had to see the Monument of the 3rd Angel created by Ukrainian artist Anatoly Haidamaka. This monument serves as a tribute to the ones perished in one of the world's worst nuclear accidents. The monument is also known as "Alley of Memory of Star Wormwood".

Monument of the 3rd Angel

Our tour guide told us that at the vicinity of Chernobyl, about one hundred people are living since the accident and the youngest is approx. 80 years old. At the backside of the monument, there is an alley with many signs on each side. As told, this is a memorial complex of the resettled villages in Chernobyl exclusion zone. This area is known as "Alley of Memory and Hope". It is there for us to remember the two hundred (200) plus villages and 350.000 people evacuated from Chernobyl and surrounding areas. Each sign has the name of the village or town that was evacuated during or after the disaster.

Alley of Memory and Hope

This update is the last one from my Chernobyl adventure, and I hope one day, I will be able to revisit it. There are so many things that escaped my attention and camera. Till then, I will cherish the memory of this visit....

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