Leros - A pearl in the Aegean

Leros is a Greek island and lays in the Southern Aegean Sea; it is approximately 300km far from Athens and is part of the Dodecases municipality. One can reach Leros either by a ferry (9 hours travel) or an aeroplane (50 mins Travel). 

However, this is not a wiki about Leros but my Blog, and for this reason, if you need to find out more about the island, I strongly suggest visiting  Wikipedia! :)

Leros has a special place in my heart; maybe because I spend most of my summers as a kid, possibly because strong memories are still engraved onto my soul. Going to Leros as a kid or as a teen meant for me being free, I could let go of myself, and become something that I was not when living in Athens. I've lived situations that in some way, shaped part of who I am today. If there was a way to exclude what I lived there, then I seriously doubt that I would be the same man today. Maybe all of the above make Leros a special place for me, but it is not entirly so...

Despite my biased opinion, Leros is a beautiful island, with great history, ranging from 4th century BC to recent years. The things to see and do are limited only by one's imagination. Yet, if you want to meet the tranquillity of the Aegean Sea, listen to the sounds of the waves, "taste" and "smell" a traditional Greek island then you need to visit Leros.

I am not going to write more about Leros, at least not yet anyway. More posts will follow, for the time being, I tease your imagination with some photos, stay tuned for more!

Saint Isidoros Chappel

Santa Marina & Castle

Panaghia Kavouradena Chappel

Santa Marina Beach & Windmill

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