Or is it post-COVID era? In any case, it has been quite a while since my last post. Many things happened during this weird and challenging time. We all been there, as witnesses, experiencing something that occurred for the first time in our history. I am not referring to the Virus but the lockdown.

I am no expert regarding this Virus, nor I will contribute my thoughts and feelings on this blog. The only thing I can say and do pray for it is for the whole thing to end and to end without any other direct or indirect losses.

My thoughts belong to the ones who suffered during this period.

My thoughts belong to the ones that lost their beloved ones.

My thoughts belong to the ones who fight day in and day out to secure us from the plague.

During the lockdown, I found the time to work on my photos from another disaster — the Chernobyl disaster, which occurred almost 35 years ago. I was in the mood, and since it took me nearly seven (7) months to select and process my photos, it was time to finalize this project.

You can visit my online gallery at or by clicking here.

Feel free to like, or to post a comment, either here or at my online gallery.

I wish the best to all of us from now on...

Stay tuned!


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