Chernobyl - 2 & Secret Duga Radar

It has been a long time since I posted the sequel of my trip to Chernobyl so here comes another update of this Super Trip which I genuinely want to repeat soon.

We left Pripyat behind, and we headed to the secret base of Chernobyl. It has been a rather long ride from Pripyat to the base, or I was getting a bit tired of the bumpy roads.

Chernobyl-2 Entrance

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

We first arrived at the Soviet Command Center, near Duga Radar. The area looked abandoned as the rest of Chernobyl as it was affected by the radiation of the power plant. There was not much to see or better the scenery is the same as Chernobyl. The base was evacuated right after the disaster, so it never lived long.

The funny thing about this place is that for the Soviets it was a top-secret facility hidden in the forest. Entering this "zone," we saw signs indicating a children's camp and a bus stop was decorated with a bear mascot. I imagine that the Soviets were very eager to confuse intruders.

Duga Radar was used for tracking flying objects at great distances, up to 3000 kilometres away. This radar is near the Command Center in the military zone called Chernobyl 2. The construction of this area started in the 70s (1972), and its primary purpose was tracking long-range missile threats. It was completed in 1974, and the world heard for the very first time a weird woodpecker repetitive pulse from the transmitters when it was in operation.

Duga Radar

Per our tour guide, there are not many things known on the operation of the radar as all related documents were destroyed during the accident. Parts of the radar were either transferred to Moscow or looted. The location remained closed to the public until after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Duga Radar

The radar is truly enormous as it stands a towering 150 meters and stretches 700 meters in length. I would say that this part of the journey as exciting as I did not expect to see something of this magnitude.

Duga Radar

Remember what our tour guide said at the beginning of our journey? Look but do not touch especially animals. This cute and playful dog marked our departure from Chrenobyl-2 as our trip was coming to an end.

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