Act 7 - Chernobyl-Pripyat Whereabouts

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Here comes another Act from my trip to Chernobyl and this time I am going to display some more photos from Pripyat. On this trip, I took some hundreds of photos which of course I cannot upload them all, but I can share some of them so you can enjoy, even photographically, the experience.

Our tour guide continued walking us around Pripyat and to some exciting places. Of course, the entire location is impressive and not just the places we visited. Every step reveals something new to the visitor that set you back a few decades ago. One can only imagine the tragic events that took place at various locations around Pripyat and can witness how nature claims again what rightfully belongs to her.

This time we visited the Hospital, the Park, we saw the Hotel that the liquidators used to live (yes, that includes the main characters from the movie), we visited a small Super Market and of course last, but not least we saw the amusement park.

Let's start viewing some photos of what this part of the trip had for us.

Road in Pripyat
Road in Pripyat
Hotel Polissya

In the picture above, we can see Hotel Polissya, which is one of the tallest building in Pripyat. Before the Chernobyl disaster, this Hotel was used to house delegations and guests that were visiting the Power Plant. Per our tour-guide entering the Hotel is not allowed as they expect to be the next building in Pripyat that will collapse soon.

Pripyat Hospital Main Entrance
Pripyat Hospital

Pripyat Hospital

The photos above are from Pripyat Hospital. The Hospital started to fill up with casualties from the accident even before any official announcement was made.

No Caption

What do you think is depicted in the photo on the left?

Many will say an examination chair, which is partially true.

What we see and witness is Human Stupidity!

This chair was moved from the inside of the Hospital to the backyard by some "tourists". It seems that they thought it was a good idea to take some photos of it outside! Which part of the sentence "Do NOT touch anything" you didn't understand huh?

And out "journey" continued to one of the most photographed places in Pripyat (besides the Sarcophagus). The amusement park.

Pripyat Amusement Park
Pripyat Amusement Park - Ferris wheel

The amusement park never operated. It was scheduled to be opened on the 1st of May 1986 for the May Day celebrations. However, the accident on the 26th of April cancelled the plans, and the Park was never used. Per our tour guide, the Park was partially operational for a few days.

We also walked around Pripyat seeing other building and other exciting spots like a piece of iron that laid on the ground, which is the most radioactive item exposed in Pripyat (45μSv/h). I took a video of it but the quality is so low that I am now going to upload on these pages.

I will conclude this post with one last photo that made a huge impression on me.

Tree growing

We were walking inside a building and what caught my attention was a tree.

A tree that has its roots in the floor of this building. The impressive thing here is that this is the 1st floor and not the ground floor as one might expect.

So... if there is a will, it seems that there is always a way...

See also Post 7, Chernobyl Forrest.

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