Act 5 - Pripyat & School

Updated: Jan 5

Entering Pripyat was the main reason for my trip. Of course, it did live up to my expectations, and the scenery was simply breathtaking. Nature is indeed claiming back everything, and today Pripyat is a lovely forest with some buildings that still stand tall.

Pripyat is an abandoned town deep in the 10km exclusion zone. It has been suddenly left for almost 33 years, and the shreds of evidence are all around me. I can not really transfer to you my feelings when I visited Pripyat, so I am not going to try. I am going to share with you some photographs from this place that represent the story better than my words. I hope you will all enjoy viewing. Of course, this will not be the only post from my side, one more will follow...

Entering Pripyat
The School
Indoor Basketball court
Gas Mask 1
School Class
School - Main entrance
Pripyat - School Wall
School Fire extinguisher
Pripyat - Gas Mask 2

The above photograph was taken at the side of School. We were not allowed to go to the other side. I do not know why this construction was made for.

School - Going up to the other classes on floor 1.
School - Detail

I hope you enjoyed this series of photographs. The following days I will prepare another set of photos taken from the 17th Floor of a building.

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