A trip to Bulgaria - Blagoevgrad.

I visited our neighbouring country of Bulgaria sometime mid-January mainly for business. I decided to do some prospecting in case, the blind me; could find some fruitful ground for expanding my business. A friend and co-worker of mine decided to be my tour/business guide as he has already established there his own business.

I decided to fly there rather than just driving to Blagoevgrad. My friend decided to go there as he usually does, by car, but I was not too fond of the 6-hour drive from Athens. I prefer the comfy aeroplane seat while enjoying music and some refreshments (water).

Getting ready!

I've been there in the past (Sofia) when I was young, in fact pretty young and I do remember the entire experience being totally different. Indeed it was around the 80s; different political "forces" were governing the Balkans at that time.

During the flight, I was in heaven! Truly I was! Listening to some beautiful music (thanks to my noise-cancelling headphones) while watching outside the window. What a sight! I am afraid that the protective window glass and the fact that I was using my phone to capture this photo doesn't represent what I saw through this tiny window! But here it goes...

Aegean Flight to Sofia - Window Seat View

I wish that someone special and dear to me was there next to me, holding my hand, but this was not the case! I had to face reality. I was travelling through the heavens all alone. Life sometimes plays some tricky games, and some other times I blame life just because I am being me.

Finally, I landed to Sofia shortly after my visit to the Heavens. Back to reality, back to Sofia airport and straight to Hertz as I needed to get my car. I still had a 120km drive to arrive at my final destination, Blagoevgrad.

Even though I had to drive, not knowing which route to follow I had my travel companion "Waze" which guided me through the dark roads of Bulgaria and after about an hour and thirty minutes I was in Blagoevgrad. To drive from Sofia airport to Blagoevgrad is rather easy if you ignore the fact that during January it is quite foggy. With excellent road conditions, dense fog and light rain, I managed to arrive very late at my hotel.

Blagoevgrad is a southwestern city in Bulgaria with approx 100.000 residents. A small town, with some places to go and see. However do not expect much, after all this is a small town. All my visits started in the city centre, which is full of life!

I will let you enjoy some photos from Blagoevgrad.

Blagoevgrad City Centre

Did I mention that the city centre was full of life? There are numerous bars, cafes, traditional pubs, night clubs, and restaurants that are full of people. I enjoyed going everyday downtown to have a cup of coffee or eat something. Especially during the night, the bar in the photo below was a must for me.

Raffy Bar

Did I enjoy my stay there? Yes, I surely did! Will I open my new business there? Even though the economic climate is favourable, I am still thinking about it and not because I saw something "bad" or "wrong" there. I was doing some prospecting about my new venture, but I ended up enjoying quality food, coffee, seeing around and the company of my friend! I think I need to return to investigate the matter further!

Leaving Bulgaria was the same as going. Same road conditions and weather. The photo below is outside the Terminal 2 Building.

Sofia Airport - Terminal 2

Will I ever return to Blagoevgrad? Yes! Why? Because it felt like being home.

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